Waterfront, lake properties and wooded acreage real estate for sale in WI and MI

Important Protections For You

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Buying real estate is serious business. The decision to purchase land and invest your hard earned money can either be a rewarding one or a nightmare. My hope for you is that your experience will be so rewarding that you will recommend me to your friends and family. That's why I'll only show you properties with several key protections in place. Please take a moment to read and understand these protections.

Warranty Deed

A Warranty Deed is provided at closing. By providing a Warranty Deed, the Seller is warranting the property is free of any unacceptable liens or encumbrances. A real estate transfer by Warranty Deed is the most protective conveyance available.

Soil Test

Soil tests are performed on each parcel to ensure the property's suitability for a Wisconsin state-approved septic system. If the property is unsuitable, we don't list it.

Title Insurance

Title Insurance is provided from an established title firm assuring that the property is free of any unexpected liens and encumbrances. The Seller will buy you a title insurance policy.


A Certified Survey, prepared by a licensed professional land surveyor, is provided to assure that the boundaries are marked, measured and land areas are determined.

Lot Information Statement

A Lot Information Statement is provided to answer some of the many questions many people forget to ask, such as: What are the restrictions on the property and how is it zoned? What sort of access is there and how is it maintained? Is the property suitable for a septic system? What are the property taxes and annual assessments. The answers to all of these questions and more can be found on your Lot Information Statement.

Guarantee of Build-ability

Our Guarantee of Build-ability is in writing and based on all currently applicable local, county, state and federal zoning and land use regulations. It asserts that the property shall be build-able and suitable for a single-family residence and suitable for a state approved sanitary system.


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